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Thread: Burn a CD with Microsoft Word

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    Burn a CD with Microsoft Word

    Does anyone knows how to burn a CD by using Microsoft Word. I had a multiple documents. I also does not has any third party burning software. So I was just wondering that Microsoft Office is very common application and found in all windows. So is it possible to burn a disc via Microsoft Office. I does not mean only Word but Excel, PowerPoint, etc. And how to insert a video in the Microsoft Word file. Thanks anyway.

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    Re: Burn a CD with Microsoft Word

    This is not possible. Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Word or Excel or PowerPoint are designed to give a maximum feature of text processing. They does not carry a inbuilt feature of burning a disc. Because there are multiple terms that depends on burning a disc. That is the burning format, hard ware support, etc. Try Nero for that. There are also many other applications than Nero.

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    Re: Burn a CD with Microsoft Word

    The thing which you want to know is not possible in Windows. That means that you cannot burn a disc by Microsoft Word. It is a powerful word processing application not a burner software. So you cannot do that. But some versions of Windows XP has CD burning utility. Just insert you blank disc and right click on the CD drive from My Computer. Go to the last tab recording. In that select data and drive speed and give OK.

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    Re: Burn a CD with Microsoft Word

    Well the disc burning is not possible but you can at least try insert a video in the Word file. This is possible in Microsoft Word 2003. Open Word and then click on Insert. Select From file or Movie / Sound. Then browse your files and click OK. A video windows will come in the page. But you will have to take care that if the video file is moved from the default location then Word cannot play the file. Microsoft Word just insert the link to the page.

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