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Thread: UltraMon silent register key

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    UltraMon silent register key

    Hello Good morning every one,

    I Recently installed UltraMon silent with out any major problems, but I need.If it is a register key it will sounds nice for me, but I could not find what the regkey has to be...Can someone guide me

    thanks guys..!!

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    Re: UltraMon silent register key

    You can enter the your registration information, right-click the UltraMon icon in the system tray, choose About from the menu, then click on Enter Registration Code. click No when asked if you want to purchase the software, If the trial period has already expired.You will then get directly to the About UltraMon screen where you can click on Enter Registration Code to enter your registration information.If you get an error message when entering the registration information, or if the software is still running in trial mode after entering the registration information confirm you have entered the name in the first field (Registered to), and the registration code in the second field (Registration code). The name needs to be entered exactly as shown in your registration information.

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    Re: UltraMon silent register key

    I know its the bullshit I have it with me.The issues is that I need it at work and so I cant use a cracked version, cant reformat each time the trial ends, and I'm not about to spend bucks for a corp thats why im looking for something like it, but freeware

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    Re: UltraMon silent register key

    You have to curb your product key so people are not using it..Launch your regedit and visit the key where your registration info is, highlight the key, goto file > export name it something.reg & there u go biggrin.gif.From a cmd/bat file just type REGEDIT /S myfile.reg and alter the file names accordingly

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