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Thread: Problems with menus.xml in Dreamweaver

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    Problems with menus.xml in Dreamweaver

    Hello friends,

    I have install Dream weaver on my system and when i am trying to use Adobe's Extension Manager with Dream weaver extensions over here if i try to add any extension at that time i am getting an message as Can't update menus. The extension will not be installed . I have tried a lot to find the solution for menus.xml but was not able to get the right one, i hope my query gets solved over here.

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    Issue with menus.xml in Dreamweaver

    I would recommend you to reinstall dream weaver and have a check for the same hope because most of the time reinstall you program solves your issue if you are not able to do so then please try adding the menus.xml file back to "Dreamweaver installation directory/Configuration/Menus/" to see if it helps.

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    Problems with menus.xml in Dreamweaver

    I have try to add menu.xls file at the following location but still wasn't able to fix the issue and at the same time i think reinstalling application would also not solve my problem brother. Is there any other alternative please reply it's very important for me to fix this issue.

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    Issue with menus.xml in Dreamweaver

    Before going ahead you need to first quit both Macromedia Extension Manager and Dreamweaver. Then uninstall the Extension Manager. now find the latest version of Macromedia Extension Manager and download it for downloading click here and paste it at the following location C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver 4\Configuration\Menus\Menus.xbk . Now change the file name from Menus.xbk file to Menus.xml. Then drag the back-up copy of the Menus.xbk file into the Menus folder located inside your Dreamweaver 4 Configuration folder. Finally launch the Macromedia Extension Manager. Using the On/Off check boxes in the leftmost column, disable all installed extensions and then re-enable them.

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