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Thread: Need a good business card tutorial

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    Need a good business card tutorial


    I want to make a Business card with Photoshop application with some cool effects & designing.
    Do anyone know how to use the photoshop application for making Business Cards? If you can show me some examples or any Online Tutorial. It will be helpful for me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Need a good business card tutorial

    Hey have a look at this tuturial

    I hope this helps you.

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    Re: Need a good business card tutorial

    Making A Business Card

    Business Cards are great resources to have on hand, or to be able to make as a graphic designer. In this tutorial you will make several business cards. Blank business cards can be purchased from a stationary store. They usually come in sheets of 10, each being 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Many of the blanks have templates available for your word processing program on their web site for you to download and use to arrange your images on and print. Images we make will be of a high enough resolution that they will make beautiful cards.

    A Info Needed: Cards should contain the following information.

    • company name
    • contact name
    • address and or web address
    • phone number and/ or email
    • goods and or service that the company represents
    • Logo

    B. Layout: Cards should have a pleasing layout, easy to reach and gather info. Use the following

    • Grouping of like information
    • Readable text
    • Only 1 or 2 fonts
    • Negative space- the space around the text and logo should set off the contents of the card.
    • Symmetry or Balance so that the card does not look weighted on one side or another.

    C. Logo: the emblem that signifies the company. Usually it is pictorial or letters arranged in a memorable way. The logo usually represents the essence of the company such as strength, movement, the product, new horizons, technology, etc. A well thought out logo will greatly enhance your card!

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