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Thread: Burn Multiple DVD at one time

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    Burn Multiple DVD at one time

    I had add up three DVD dual layer writer in my pc. One from is a external DVD writer. Now I want to know which is best software which can burn a many DVD at a single time. I had to produce a copy of some data application which is need to be distributed among my office members. So I can give a multiple copies but each time 1 single dvd burning can eat up more time. Now this is going to be a routine work. Is there any particular hard ware which can sync with my pc and create mulitple dvd's at a single time.

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    Re: Burn Multiple DVD at one time

    Yes. There is a hardware which gives you a copy of 9 DVD's at a single time. It is whole dedicated hardware called MultiBurner. It is a DVD burning station which burns upto sever disk without any user interference. It saves your time. You can turn on Automatic burning utility which keeps on creating new copies. The product is manufactured by ovation company which usually designs security tools.

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    Re: Burn Multiple DVD at one time

    You can do the same by NERO. Nero has a ability to burn multiple disc at a single time. Nero is a powerful burning tool. Here you will need a full version of Nero and more than one DVD burner. Launch Nero and select Nero Burning Rom. Select the compilation from the left side for example take DVD Video. Click on Next. Then drag your data in the video ts folder under my dvd video ts. Then click on burn. Now tick on the check box use multiple recorder and give a burning speed. Then a pop up will come up. Press Control key from keyboard and select your DVD Drives. Give OK.

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    Re: Burn Multiple DVD at one time

    When you run a burning program the hard disk sends data at 110Mb/s or around 60Mb on a single drive. I believe if you add up more disc drives then the burning process will urn slow. It is better if you have a dedicated burning hardware for this. Or if you want to use it for a temporary purpose then use Nero. Nero can burn up 4 DVD's on single time.

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