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Thread: Make DVD Menus with Nero 9

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    Make DVD Menus with Nero 9

    I would like to create a menu with Nero 9 on a DVD basically i want to put several movies in a real DVD if you change the title there as a slider that moves, but i found just with text. so please some one help me ..
    thank you

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    Re: Make DVD Menus with Nero 9

    To create menus better option is you have to use NeroVision Express, which is a provided with a full version of Nero but the creation of menus for DVD in Nero Vision does not pose particular problems.

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    Re: Make DVD Menus with Nero 9

    It is possible with Nero Vision, in my version (part of Nero 6), i can save the DVD files in a folder, ie on the hard disk. Can then be rewritten these files later with the option Burning DVD files to Nero, the day you have a burner. But I have a problem because the software generates artifacts in the video damage. i can still operate the menu by opening the DVD folder by giving the path in playback software such as Media Player Classic.

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    Re: Make DVD Menus with Nero 9

    Nero in the creation of menus (authoring) is relatively simple, it does not have access to all function in more advanced software such as Pinnacle or Ulead.
    Nero that allows you to customize, in fact they are not buttons but Frames thumbnails.

    buttons Nero Vision:
    - Open the program
    - Choose to create a DVD
    - Import your (your) film
    - Next, then double click on the menu: it switches to edit mode
    - To choose the right buttons: the list appears

    We will first see the buttons in the program.
    This gives an idea because we will leave these buttons to create new ones.

    - Open Windows Explorer
    - Go to the menu nero C: \ Program Files \ Nero \ Nero 7 \ Nero Vision \ Buttons
    images are. png

    Size: no size limit, but of course the menu screen is limited to 720x576 you need to create buttons that can be placed side by side.
    The smallest is 200 pixels wide and the largest is 300 pixels, so it should be in the same dimensions

    The red represents the transparent part between the edges and the ground, instead they see the screen menu. The green represents the transparent part of the reason that will see the picture or video associated with the button.

    - Take the magic wand and click in the green box to select
    - Ctrl + Shift + I to invert selection
    - Create a new layer
    - Ctrl + Backspace to fill with white and deselect (Ctrl + D)
    We now have the framework on a new layer:

    You can customize this stage the framework, either by filling it with a color, a gradient, a pattern. Or an option to merge.

    - Ctrl + click on the layer of the framework, to select
    - At the bottom of the Layers palette click the Create a layer and choose Gradient Fill

    Instead of just a simple flat circle (color, gradient or pattern), with the options of merger can give volume (relief) to our button.

    - After creating the frame on another layer just choose Layer / style vamp / merger options.

    - First, check that you have complied with the sizes and colors imposed (red and green) then
    - Flatten the layer (at the bottom of the Layers menu)
    - Use the "Save As" then choose the format. Png
    to avoid modifying the original files!
    Give a different name for your button.

    If you have not saved the buttons in the same folder as the original, they must be placed in:
    Reminder of the path:
    C: \ Program Files \ Nero \ Nero 7 \ Nero Vision \ Buttons

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    free dvd menu templates

    I tryed several programs to create my own menu's in the main menu i want a link to each seperate eps.

    Tryed the following programs:
    - NeroVision Express
    - DVD lab
    - DVD Slideshow Builder
    - Unlead DVD Workshop

    - Nero didn't life up to my expectations, can't creat any menu you want only the one's you can select from the tamplates.

    - DVD lab looks a profesional tool, but wasn't even abaile to import .avi files so didn't go on with that one.

    - DVD Slideshow Builder,easy to use with professional features and same sort of layout as Movie Maker however a lot more powerful.Both static and motion DVD menu templates are available.

    - Unlead DVD Workshop looked prommising almost finished my menu, cut change almost everything including place of the links to the eps. But the disapointing thing is it wants te re-encode the eps and needs alot of diskspace (40GB+) don't know why but that's just crazy. Well DVD Workshop looked most promising good features and almost everything could be edited in the menu's.

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