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Thread: AwdFlash for Award BIOS

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    AwdFlash for Award BIOS

    Hi Friends,

    I want to perform a Flash in Award BIOS. I have a utility called AwdFlash.

    Can anybody please help me providing information how to use AwdFlash to flash in Award BIOS ?


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    Re: AwdFlash for Award BIOS

    AwdFlash - a Flash Loader for Award BIOS version 8.82

    Download the latest drivers - click here
    It is highly recommended to use the most recent driver version available.

    Also, before installing a device driver, set a system restore point. This will help if you in case you have installed a wrong driver.

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    Re: AwdFlash for Award BIOS

    Follow the steps to use Awdflash.exe BIOS to begin refresh.

    1. Use prepared previously floppy disk.

    2. After entering DOS prompt via boot disk, copy AWDFLASH.EXE (unzipped) utility and the BIOS file into the hard disk to execute in order to increase the performance of the system.
      For example, please type in -
      "COPY A:\AWDFLASH.EXE C:\"; and "COPY A:\BIOSfilename.BIN C:\ "

    3. After copying the files,
      type in "C:\" and press to change to C:\ drive command from "A:\" drive.
      key in "AWDFLASH.EXE" and press. Now, the utility will begin executing. Under File Name to Program: column, type in the BIOS filename and hit. Insert the diskette containing lastest BIOS version into the floppy drive. If you skip this process and move onto the next one without insert the floppy into the drive, you will receive an error message stating "WARNING! Device not ready".

    4. Type in the BIOS filename from the floppy disk under "File Name to Program:" column and hit. During refreshing, it will auto-detect the floppy drive and the floppy disk for the BIOS file you have key in. Then, a message will appear stating "Do You Want To Save BIOS (Y / N)". This asks you whether you wish to backup the original BIOS utility or not. If you need it, type in [ Y ], and hit to proceed to next step.

    5. It asks whether you wish to continue refresh the BIOS,
      (i) choose [Y] to continue proceed BIOS update procedure.
      (ii) choose [ N ] for leaving the BIOS screen, reboot the system and abandon BIOS update procedure.

    6. Choose [ Y ] and hit to proceed BIOS update. The procedure is as followed:
      You must not turn off the power or reboot the PC during the process of updating BIOS Boot Block. By doing so, you will increase the risk of unable to boot your system. If your system does not reboot, please consult with your local ASUS dealers or contact ASUS Hotline.

    7. When the procedure is complete, it will show "Flashing Complete Press to Continue " message, hit F1 to reboot the system. Now, the system will reboot using the new BIOS you have refreshed.

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    Re: AwdFlash for Award BIOS

    Well.. I have not tried awdflash.exe program anytime but I have used the Alt+F2 method. In this method, you just have to press Alt+F2 repeatedly making sure that you only have the .bin file on your floppy. I have used this method twice without any problems.

    Note - make sure that floppy is in good condition without any errors. I have heard of several instances where the user had a defective floppy disk and hosed their BIOS.

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