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Thread: Microsoft publisher psd files

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    Microsoft publisher psd files

    i am currently working under Microsoft Publisher but i am not getting option to save file as jpeg or psd some one told me that to save in .PSD format but i dont have any thing found .. Can anyone help ? also tell me way to get it in adobe acrobat reader ?
    thank you

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    Re: Microsoft publisher psd files

    Microsoft publisher cannot save files in .psd format where .PSD files is image files created in Adobe Photoshop, so you can not create in Microsoft publisher also to convert them to jpeg files you need application like photoshop or any other image converter application

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    Re: Microsoft publisher psd files

    Try to search for format converter from Microsoft publisher to psd files. i think its better to use another application like coreldraw or photoshop both are best as Microsoft publisher has lots of limitation..

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    Re: Microsoft publisher psd files

    if you want it in jpeg image format for showing or sending some one where the quality doent matters as no one going to edit it then just try to take print screen for that page of Microsoft publisher this will allow you to make image file ..

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