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Thread: How to change MSN password

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    How to change MSN password

    I have account in hotmail, for some reasons i need to change password and also for security purpose i need change msn password. Any recommendations and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: How to change MSN password

    First login to MSN Hotmail click on labeled Options in right site> a window will open which display personal option : my profile, password, secrete questions. Click Password:Click that. Enter the correct password, you'll then be taken to the Change Your Password page:Enter your old password where indicated, and then enter a new password in the two places that's requested. Press continue, and you'll be taken to the login page again where you can use your new password to login.

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    Re: How to change MSN password

    To change MSN password,Log in with your MSN account and current MSN password. At MSN's Passport site page, you have to enter your current MSN password again, then Choose a new password and enter it in the provided box. Your new password must have a minimum of six characters and retype it a second time for typo-verification and confirmation.Click the Continue button and you're ready to give your new MSN password a first try!password a first try!

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    Re: How to change MSN password

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