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Thread: Troubleshoot DVD FAB Errors

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    Troubleshoot DVD FAB Errors

    I am using DVD FAB to back up movies on my computer. I had done this many time. But now it giving a error in reading some disc. The disc which I inserted is not reading. Recently I had just updated then software to new version. The problem comes up after that. But the software was installed properly. The error states that Reading/Writing Error Control. What does it means and what is the cause of this error. Just for a test I used Nero and Any DVD tools. The DVD writer works fine there. What can be the issue with this.

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    Re: Troubleshoot DVD FAB Errors

    It feel that their is something wrong with the DVD which you are using currently. Try to change the disc and see weather it is not having scratches on it. Do this clean the DVD which you want to back up. Insert it and wait for the autorun box. Then open DVD FAB and try to back up the file. If still the error comes up and then put a different disc and do the same. If the error is coming only in the first DVD then it is probably damaged.

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    Re: Troubleshoot DVD FAB Errors

    I was too facing the same issue. The problem is with the software. The reason can be a bad installation or missing system files. Do this remove DVD fab completely from your system. Then re-install it back again. Now try to burn disc. The error will not comes. But incase if the error comes back then it means the software has bug. You will need to get a new setup file for the same.

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    Re: Troubleshoot DVD FAB Errors

    Remove other Disc burning utilities from your computer. Then run system restore process to set the old settings. This will remove the upgrade but it will give you the same old working software. Another reason for the problem can be AnyDVD. Because their is conflict between AnyDVD and DVDFab when both are installed on a same system. You can also try to repair the software by going in control panel > add/remove > dvdfab > remove > repair

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