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Thread: Whis is the best MP4 encoder

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    Whis is the best MP4 encoder

    I want to ask which is the best mp4 encoder tools for web videos. I had download some videos from the internet. Now I want to encode them to other formats but do not want to lose the quality of the picture. As mp4 video are high definition videos the conversion can reduce the quality of the files. So I want some recommendations for the encoding process.

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    Re: Whis is the best MP4 encoder

    MP4 also knows as h264 is a standard of video compression. It is also called as Dolby Digital. It is the latest audio and video format which offers a high definition quality. I will recommend you to use Nero. The latest version of Nero can sort you out for the issue. It is the most commonly DVD burner tool which also has a encoding utility in it. Whenever you create a Video DVD from it, it first encodes the formats and then put it in the Disc. The created disc works in all players and computers.

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    Re: Whis is the best MP4 encoder

    The best tool will be 3ivx player. It is specially designed to work with MPEG formats. The encoder is easy to use and does not allow to lose the quality of encoded video. It supports many encoder modes for multiple user. It offers you a Real time encoding, video on demand, archiving, streaming, etc and other features. The tool is available in both windows codec and application format. You can run the same codec from FlashMPEG or Adobe Premier tool.
    3ivx Mpeg Tool

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    Re: Whis is the best MP4 encoder

    Try Quicktime. It is apple software which comes in windows mode also. You can download from Apple site. It is a freeware tool. The Quicktime can create and convert h264 videos. You can record audio, create movies which can work in ipods save movies from the web. The application has a easy to use GUI mode features with full screen control.

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