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Thread: Motive Communications, inc add ons

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    Motive Communications, inc add ons

    I have downloaded numerous add-ons for Internet Explorer from "Motive Communicaitons, Inc and I wanted to know what is the purpose of the Motive Communications add-ons, is it required and how to uninstall Motive Communications add-ons? Thank you

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    Re: Motive Communications, inc add ons

    Do any of the add-ons look like they are ad-blockers?

    Browse to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC, see if there are many sites listed. You can also try to clear IE temp folder and close it down and then open it again to see changes you made to your setting.

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    Re: Motive Communications, inc add ons

    There are many broadband ISP include a program from Motive that permits them to monitor and respond to user request for assistance. The names may be Motive Smart bridge, MotiveSB, Motive Communication, Motive Monitor, Motmon etc. Often accompanied by an icon in the lower right.

    If you have problem with the addon, uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs. Delete the Addon by going to Tools > Addon Manager.

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    Re: Motive Communications, inc add ons

    I found some information on some forum about Motive Communications:

    Motive Chorus Command Line Interface (also sometimes called Motive Support Tuner Command Line Interface). You can easily disable whatever add-ons that you do not actually know are helpful to you. Normally programs/pages that require a particular add-on will notify you of their need.

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