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Thread: Optiarc dvd rw ad-7563a ata device driver

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    Optiarc dvd rw ad-7563a ata device driver

    I have a computer with windows XP and i was unable to use the CD/DVD on my computer. The DVD-RW icon was not present in My computer after i re-installed the Windows XP SP3. I suspect that my dvd rw needs a driver to be installed before i can use it... Where to find Optiarc dvd rw ad-7563a ata device driver? Please help guys...

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    Re: Optiarc dvd rw ad-7563a ata device driver

    Just to be sure if it is the problem with the driver, you can check it from Device Manager. To open Device manager Right-Click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager. See if there is your dvd-rw with any yellow mark... Generally driver problems are too rare for optical disk drives. But you can check it here and verify...

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    Re: Optiarc dvd rw ad-7563a ata device driver

    Noe drivers are to be manually installed on Windows XP. All the drivers for optic drives are installed by Windows XP on its own. This device may have some trouble, check the cables and power connectors and see if there is no loose contact... This could solve your problem.

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    Re: Optiarc dvd rw ad-7563a ata device driver

    No need to install any drivers for Optiarc.

    Just check the cables first.

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    Re: Optiarc dvd rw ad-7563a ata device driver

    The problem isn't with the drivers or cables, it's a registry entry. On another part of the site here there is a path displayed which shows which registry entry to go to. However, when you do get to it you will find up to 12 entries for the same registry number (some letter/number combos thrown in). Only use the 1st entry by right clicking it and it will show you a Lower Filter and an Upper Filter in the right hand column. Delete both of these entries and leave the UpperFilters.bak entry alone. Restart the machine and it will be fixed. Apparently it's an error with Sony's software that bugs with the Windows OS and creates the extra registry entries which aren't needed and cause conflict.

    Start>Run>type in "regedit" without quotes>hit enter>HKLM>System>CurrentControlSet>Control>Class>{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}right click then look in the right column for the two entries and delete ONLY them!
    Restart machine and you should be good to go!

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