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Thread: How to View Flv Files in Windows

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    How to View Flv Files in Windows

    Hello , I Have some .flv file into my computer which is have download from the internet and the problem is that I cannot Play.view them in the windows media player . though i have a macromedia flash player but i cannot play the files , is there any way to view this .flv file in my computer please help me Thanks in advance

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    Re: How to View Flv Files in Windows

    try FLV Player 0.0.5 , Files with the extension. FLV (Flash for Video) video files are encoded in a format reserved for use by development tool Macromedia Flash. Unfortunately, the original Flash player does not read directly from file association or even drag and drop files into its window or a browser.FLV Player is a player to play FLV files by simply dragging and dropping.By clicking the right button on interface, a menu offers other feature

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    Re: How to View Flv Files in Windows

    Try K-Lite Codec Pack, at it contains everything you need to read the files with audio and video formats , the popular Divx Pro, Xvid, Windows Media, AC3, Divx anti-freeze, 3ivX, Cyberlink DVD decoder, Decoder Ligos MPEG-2 , decoder Elecard MPEG-2, Intel Indeo, Ogg Vorbis, DirectVobSub, Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher, FourCC Code Changer, Flv etc..format can be read easily

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    Re: How to View Flv Files in Windows

    VLC Media Player, is a very lightweight media player which was designed to be completely autonomous. It allows you to play most media files, whether music or videos. In this latest version, some bugs have been fixed in order to make its best use. Unlike Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player does not use external codecs already has everything you need to watch, listen or distribute your multimedia content. There is no need to install many packages as codecs Vista Codec Package or plug-ins for Winamp! Once launched, VLC media player is ready to use.

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