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Thread: IE7 Printing problems with hp 3005xsince SP2

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    question IE7 Printing problems with hp 3005xsince SP2

    In my company we use since Feb. 2009 many hp Laserjet 3005x placed on a Windows 2003 R2 Server. As client we use Vista and everything works well. ince the last weeks we got a mysterious problem. We can't print pages using the IE7- always blank pages. The same pages, on the same clients with Firefox (experimental, 'cause our company policys don't alow the Firefox - please no questions) means no problems. Because of a long time of god working, something at the IE7 or the Vista must have changed. Need help - please

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    Re: IE7 Printing problems with hp 3005xsince SP2

    Does this problem you have observed after updating your windows service pack ?
    because problem can be there is conflict between

    1. antivirus + updated service pack + printer
    2. service pack + printer + ie7

    try this :

    uninstall drivers of printer and install updated drivers from web
    disable antivirus ,firewall and install drivers
    else update to ie8 if possible but i think there is no problem with ie7

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    Re: IE7 Printing problems with hp 3005xsince SP2

    Just update your printer driver. Go the official site of your laser printer and download vista compatible drivers. Update it and then set your printer settings in the Internet Explorer. That can be due to some driver issue only. Because as your printer is working fine in other thing.

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    Re: IE7 Printing problems with hp 3005xsince SP2

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