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Thread: Alternative command prompt for windows

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    Alternative command prompt for windows

    Is there any software which work as command prompt? Software which runs Command in command prompt and It includes interactive and scripting command support. I am using windows xp on my system. Any Alternative Command Prompt software for Windows?

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    Re: Alternative command prompt for windows

    PromptPal is a replacement GUI (graphical user interface) for the command prompt console, previously known as the DOS prompt. It turns the antiquated console into a friendly and helpful Windows program, whilst still routing all your instructions through Microsoft's dependable command processor. PromptPal is alternative for command prompt, it is highly configurable, and provides full Windows-style editing, command completion, syntax help, command history, save to file (ideal for creating batch files), integration with Windows Explorer and much more. PromptPal also has an optional band that lives on your Windows task bar and acts like a hybrid of the Windows "Run..." box and the command prompt.

    Download PromptPal

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    Re: Alternative command prompt for windows

    Woo Shell is an alternative to the normal Windows command prompt (cmd.exe). It is inspired by linux shells such as bash, csh and by the xterm terminal. It supports filename completion, stdio piping and redirection, copy/paste or you can try freeware called Command Prompt Bar which provides an alternative Command prompt in the task bar, but you will need to activate this new command prompt which will reside in your windows taskbar.

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    Re: Alternative command prompt for windows

    TCC/LE is an alternative to Command Prompt for windows. TCC/LE replaces CMD.EXE, the Windows command processor, and adds features such as extensive context-sensitive online help, plugins, aliases for commonly used commands, a powerful command line editor, history recall, filename completion (even across a network), popup command and directory history windows, and extended directory searches that can take you to any directory on your system by entering only part of its name.
    Download TCC/LE 10.00.71

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