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Thread: How to add volume control

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    How to add volume control

    I want to install a volume control I go to Control Panel and the device and I check the box place volume icon in the task bar and an error message display : windows can not display the volume control in the bare spots because the program CATR volume control has not been installed. Can someone help me ?


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    Re: How to add volume control

    On the workstation, click on Tools / Folder Options / Display and check "show hidden files and folders"

    • Hide extensions for files whose file type is known
    • Hide files protected operating system
    • OK

    Then go to C: \ windows \ system32 \ dllcache and copies sndvol32.exe "and then paste it into C: \ windows \ system32

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    Re: How to add volume control

    To resolve this problem, from the Windows XP CD, extract a new copy of the file sndvol32.exe in the system_root \ System32 folder on the hard drive of your computer. Proceed as follows:

    • Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. Hold down the SHIFT key when you insert the CD-ROM to prevent it from starting automatically.
    • Click Start, then Run.
    • In the Open box, type cmd, and then click OK.
      Type the following lines at the command prompt, pressing ENTER after each line, where CD-ROM refers to the letter of your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM that contains the Windows XP CD-ROM and is the path SystemRoot access and on behalf of the folder where the Windows system files (usually C: \ Windows):
      cd i386
      expand sndvol32.ex_ SystemRoot \ system32 \ sndvol32.exe

      For example, if the letter E represents the CD-ROM drive of your computer and the folder containing the Windows system files is C: \ Windows, type the following lines at the command prompt (pressing ENTER after each line):
      cd i386
      sndvol32.ex_ expand c: \ windows \ system32 \ sndvol32.exe
    • Type exit to quit Command Prompt.
    • Verify that you can start Volume Control and the Volume icon appears in the notification area (if you selected that option).

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    Re: How to add volume control

    Install the volume control in the taskbar

    • On the Start menu, click Settings, then Control Panel
    • In the window Control Panel, double-click the Multimedia icon
    • In the window that appears, click the Audio tab and check the Show volume control on the taskbar
    • Confirm by clicking OK

    You then see the icon appear with a small loudspeaker bottom right of your Taskbar. Simply double-click it to display the volume control.

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