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Thread: Where to download TweakUI x64 for Vista

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    Where to download TweakUI x64 for Vista

    I am running my machine on Vista 64 bit, this i checked later when i download the 32 bit TweakUI and it was not working, so I need to install 64 bit so can anyone suggest me whether Microsoft offers 64 bit version of TweakUI, and where should i download this, please let me know?


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    Re: Where to download TweakUI x64 for Vista

    Microsoft originally released Tweak UI as a value add tool with Windows 98. Since then, its popularity has grown and its usage expanded, and with it, its power as well. The latest version of the utility, which makes fine tuning of 64-Bit Windows Vista/XP/2003 operating systems possible, is now available. This freely downloadable software provides access to a number of such functionality of the latest version of Microsoft operating systems, which are normally hidden from the user can only be set without this utility if the user is thoroughly familiar with the Registry.

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    Re: Where to download TweakUI x64 for Vista

    To get TweakUI working on Windows Vista, just download the XP version with the correct architecture. After setup is finished, right click the shortcut to TweakUI -> Properties -> Compatibility. There is no official TweakUI for x64. Neosmart Technologies was the company that made the x64 version of TweakUI. its the closest thing you will find to an offical TweakUI. Download TweakUI x64

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    Intel Xeon 64 bit processors Where to download TweakUI x64

    I'm using Intel Xeon 64 bit processors. Will the same TweakUi from PlanetAMD64 work!

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