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Thread: How to fix microsoft software counterfeiting

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    How to fix microsoft software counterfeiting

    Recently I updated windows and then after restart a message pop up at the system tray denoting that you are a victim of software counterfeit. What does it means. I had not installed any other application. The message comes up every time. It is very irritating. How can I fix this issue. Is there any windows patch or hotfix by which this message will stop coming up again and again. Help needed.

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    Re: How to fix microsoft software counterfeiting

    Windows has downloaded a updated called windows genuine validation. This thing identifies that you are using a original copy of windows or a crack one. The message clearly denotes that you have a pirated windows in your computer which is illegal. You operating system has failed to clear the genuine validation test. If you are using original windows copy then this will not come. Buy a genuine copy and install it other wise it is illegal to use the pirated version of windows.

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    Re: How to fix microsoft software counterfeiting

    It is a message for those who are using pirated windows. Pirated windows means that you had not purchased a license key and using some others serial. Remove this operating system from your windows because Microsoft Windows is copyrighted software and you can face criminal penalties for that. Buy a genuine version register it on the internet and then you can use it.

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    Re: How to fix microsoft software counterfeiting

    This simply means that you are using a crack version of windows. May be you are cheated or some one has sold you a pirated version. Just click on message and it will direct you to the windows site where directly online you can purchase the software and get a new license key. Other wise it is not good to use the the crack version. They are unstable and cause you law penalties.

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