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Thread: How To create VMX Files

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    How To create VMX Files

    I have a VMware workstation 6 installed. I want to create the .vmx file of hard drive so that VM workstation can open it as created clone. How can i do this? Any explanation with procedure will be really nice to me. Thank you.

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    Re: How To create VMX Files

    You can use the applications like , EasyVMX!, VM Builder , vmx-builder.cmd.

    One benefit to having a program create a VMX file for you is that there shouldn't be any typos.

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    Re: How To create VMX Files

    Choose "Custom" or select "Use existing disk" when creating a new virtual machine from within VMware Workstation. Navigate to your newly created VMDK when adding a hard drive to your virtual machine. Alternatively, you can also create a 'Blank' Virtual guest OS container as you would if you were going to manually install an OS.

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    Re: How To create VMX Files

    VMWare workstation has a "Clone" command in the "VM" Menu. Or Just copy the whole directory of your VM. this way you cloned it quite easily. Use VMware converter, I think there is also the option to clone machines with this. Or you can just copy the .vmdk disk image file and then create a new virtual machine and configure the HD to use the new copy of the .vmdk file. Or you can use any disk imaging software for "real" machines, such as Acronis TrueImage etc.

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