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Thread: Trace Login Logger Usage

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    Trace Login Logger Usage

    I am having a computer with Windows XP installed on my computer... & facing the issue that my son use my computer a for a lot tells me that they used for half an hour.... I want to know is there any way to trace login logout of the users so i understand how much time the person sitting on my computer is using...???

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    Re: Trace Login Logger Usage

    Even i need the same thing as i am facing the same problem with me even my son does the same thing with me as i & my wife go to work & he is all alone so use the computer a lot... Please Help...!

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    Re: Trace Login Logger Usage

    Recently a tool is made by Marxio Tools called Marxio Login Logger. This tool is a non-visible application that allows you to see who was using your computer when you were out. What time someone logged into computer and when he logged out.

    It can work at home computer or in Active Directory environment or (probably) in Terminal Services using simple Windows user Startup group for running programs or starting it from Windows Group Policy (GPO).

    It has no visible window and does not reside on taskbar or trayicon area. Once started, becomes invisible for any user and the only way to close it is to....logoff from computer, restart or shut it down.

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    Re: Trace Login Logger Usage

    Marxio Login Logger you can download it from here... Also I have used it & has worked perfectly & the person doesn't know that i have traced him. So try it once & you will be thankful to it...!

    Download Also you can download it from here...!

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