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Thread: Need WVC1 Codec for VLC

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    Need WVC1 Codec for VLC


    Actually, I want to play some wmv video files but I am not able play because of the missing WVC1 codec. I need WVC1 codec, where can I find the same ? I have VLC Player. Can I be able to play wmv files in my vlc player with WVC1 codecs ?

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    Re: Need WVC1 Codec for VLC

    VLC Player only supports WMV3 or HD video and WMA multi-channel audio through the Windows codecs. Also, VLC appears to recognize .wmv extension as .asf and further this support is about to change in favor of ffmpeg so that all users of other operating systems can enjoy WMV HD.

    One of my friends had tried to play video clips using the new WVC1DMO codec in VLC player and surprisingly it ran smoother than it used to play in Windows Media Player...

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    Re: Need WVC1 Codec for VLC


    The above download package includes :
    wvc1dmoe.dll - WMV9 Advanced Profile Encoder DMO BETA
    wvc1dmod.dll - WMV9 Advanced Profile Decoder DMO
    WMCmd.vbs - Updated WME9 command-line encoder script

    You would also need the following install requirements :
    Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 SP1
    Windows Media Format SDK 9.5 or Windows Media Player 10

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    Re: Need WVC1 Codec for VLC

    Go to the link below and get the latest codecs ::

    It includes the most recent build of WVC1 and WMV3 encoder and decoder DMOs... All d Best

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    Re: Need WVC1 Codec for VLC


    I have recently downloaded office for Macbook, the trial version, from, they provided me with an product key which is not working.
    I re-downloaded again, with new product key, same result.

    Any body can help to understand where the problem is?
    if there is any other solution, I appreciate it

    Thank you

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    Re: Need WVC1 Codec for VLC

    Make a new thread for new topic. Do not hijack other's threads, especially if your topic not at all related to the existing one.

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    Re: Need WVC1 Codec for VLC

    Try to reset the product key by deleting the following files:
    /Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Office 2008/Microsoft Office 2008 settings.plist
    /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/OfficePID.plist
    Send these file to trash when you delete.

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    Re: Need WVC1 Codec for VLC

    Well I found out that MS distributed last year a wvc1dmo.exe package, a copy of which I have been able to find here.

    It contains the WVC1 encoder and the decoder in separate files. The encoder does not work as it has missing functions in dependencies but the decoder works OK and allows to play the above file. It is wvc1dmod.dll and it just need to be copied somewhere and regsvr32ed.

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