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Thread: Excel 2007 chart templates

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    Excel 2007 chart templates

    i am newly working on Excel 2007 now i need help regarding Excel 2007 chart templates what is Excel 2007 chart templates and how to use it ?
    please help me
    thank you

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    Re: Excel 2007 chart templates

    The Chart Template is good feature in charting Microsoft Excel. From a previously created chart you can save and reapply settings in chart template which allows a user quickly access. crtx files can be used in chart types. also template files contain setting for chart element and information with formatting .That provides settings such as line and fill properties, axis and element placement.

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    Re: Excel 2007 chart templates

    Create and use Chart Template

    1. 1. Insert a chart to use as a starting point for your template. Note that chart templates can be created and used in any of the three Office applications that have the shared charting engine: Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
    2. 2. Format the chart the way you normally would until the chart has the desired appearance. In my example I have made the following modifications to the chart:
      1. Applied a custom fill color to the series
      2. Deleted the legend
      3. Removed the horizontal axis line
      4. Set the horizontal axis maximum to 10
      5. Changed the line color of the gridlines and vertical axis line
      6. Reversed the categories order on the vertical axis
      7. Set the horizontal axis crosses at setting to maximum value
      8. Added a chart title and entered the title text
      9. Changed the chart titles font to be the same color as my series

    3. Save the chart template.

      1. With the chart selected, click on the Design tab in the Ribbon
      2. Click on the "Save As Template" button located in the Type chunk
      3. Enter a template name and click Save

    Note: Saving chart templates as standalone .crtx files is a new feature for Office 2007. By using standalone files, chart templates can easily be shared amongst different users. The saved template location for Windows Vista users is C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Charts (C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\Charts for Windows XP users). This folder location can also be found using the "Manage Templates…" button in the Chart Type dialog. Once a template file is saved in this folder it can be accessed and applied in any of the three charting applications.
    now for more to Use a chart template check here

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