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Thread: FC3 Install Hanging on core RPM

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    FC3 Install Hanging on core RPM

    Hello Folks,
    I would like to install FC3 on my core RPM but the installation fails to complete successfully it get decided to install the rpm's separately but to no any body out here to help me out to install

    any suggestions greatly received..

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    Re: FC3 Install Hanging on core RPM

    It sounds me like you got too much waste on your rpmdb and it's taking a while to go through it. I've found that removing old kernels and rebuilding the rpmdb helped this problem. just figure out how many kernels you have installed. rpm -q kernel kernel-smp and delete the old entries you may also try running, rpm rebuilddb

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    Re: FC3 Install Hanging on core RPM

    Have you got any problem with your RPM database? if so try the rebuilddb option..if possible try to install other non-Zimbra RPM's for temporary and see if it works with you also confirm that your Zimbra file is not corrupted,if so get a fresh file.also probe no Zimbra related processes are running currently...

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    Re: FC3 Install Hanging on core RPM

    I finally got it to work fully when i had problem like this.the issue was having that the admin panel was not working,and my port 7071 was almost idle. After a big scrutiny i updated the installed a newer kernel with another 300 packages to update FC3 to current.I would usually do an update for a system but it was something i overlooked to try and get zimbra. Updating fixed all the problems for me

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