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Thread: How to Roll back to Ie6 from Ie7

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    How to Roll back to Ie6 from Ie7

    i have Got a new pc Which had come with preinstalled (ie7) internet Explorer 7 ,i Want to Roll back to Internet explorer 6 From ie7 , As i am Not comfortable in using the latest version of internet explorer, and therefor want to remove ie7 , but before i want to that internet explorer 6 should be restored as i dont have the setup installation in internet explorer 6 ,please help me, Thanks

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    Re: How to Roll back to Ie6 from Ie7

    the simple and elegant solution for this problem that I came across is MultiIE , a small software from TredoSoft that will allow you to install "standalones" versions IE 3.0, IE 4.01, IE 5.01, IE 5.5 and of course IE 6.0 in Fews click .MultiIE will do everything for you. After installation you can run all versions of Internet Explorer simultaneously on the same computer. Caution, however it seems that this solution does not work under Windows Vista. In this case you can refer to this page.

    Running IE6, IE7 and IE8 on the same windows vista pc

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    Re: How to Roll back to Ie6 from Ie7

    I had the same problem , if you had IE6 originally then you can simply go to Add and Remove Program and uninstall Intenet Explorer 7 at that time version 6 will be all alone left, i mean it will be restored to your system

    If you're running Windows XP you go to "Start" then "Control Panel" then''Add / Remove Programs''

    If you're running Windows Vista with Classic View menu then you go to "Start" (Windows logo) and then "Control Panel" then "Add./ remove Programs and Features"

    If you're running Windows Vista with standard menu display then you go to "Start" (Windows logo) and then "Control Panel" then "Programs" and after that select ''Uninstall a program.'' option

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    Re: How to Roll back to Ie6 from Ie7

    For security reasons it is better to reinstall IE7 rather than work with IE6.
    also i would suggest using firefox as it is 1 level above in terms of blocking pop ups, navigation speed, configuration (many additional modules available, dictionary, weather ...). But if you insist then goto add and remove programs in the control panel locate IE7 and click to remove it will automatically roll back to IE6 or what ever you had before . but you make sure that It has reverted you back to IE6

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    Re: How to Roll back to Ie6 from Ie7

    dudes: Slamming a user that is reluctant to use the latest greatest is not helpful. First off, IMO if they made properly developed software instead of letting their customers do the testing, they would not have to release so many updates so frequently. Second, updates are notorious for creating other issues than the ones they are purported to fix. Third, there are instances where some software or applications are designed on the then current version and are still in use after numerous version changes over time. So get off your high horse and either contribute meaningful comment or don't comment. Same with the "I know what your talking about, but I don't know the answer," waste of space.

    As it happens I have to use IE 6 to access an external entities inventory system as it checks for version 6, and will not permit access if it is not. It seems that I now have 5 users that cannot access that site even though they are using IE 6. We suspect that an MS update pooched the system.

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