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Thread: Download Cool Edit Pro

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    Download Cool Edit Pro

    I want cool edit pro. I need the download address for it. I have tried to figure out but got no progress here. I am making a audio disc which will be played in a DJ concert. So I need a powerful audio editor. I had worked in cool edit pro tool before and found it very useful and beneficial for my work. Also add up some more addition features of the tool in the post to get more idea about the software. Thanks.

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    Re: Download Cool Edit Pro

    It is an comprehensive multi track recorder. The new version launched is equipped with multiple new features. The program is divided into two sections. The normal view and the Multi-track view. It has multiple options like a audio organizer which keeps a recorded of your Favorite preset. It has some very complex effects like reducing hiss, noise and disturbance in copying or recording the audio file. Click here to download it.

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    Re: Download Cool Edit Pro

    The shareware program is available on multiple site for a free download. Just search the exact name. It is a most popular stereo editor tool for windows. It has very easy to use interface that make easy to handle the audio effects. The PRO version here stands for the multi-track recorder. It offers a 45 DSP effects with scripting and batch processing. The new tool includes features like it identifies more than 128 audio tracks, supports looping, direct x, multiple reset feature, full undo capability and 5.1 surround sound quality.

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    Re: Download Cool Edit Pro

    The Cool Edit Pro is now called as Adobe Audition. An awesome solution for audio workers. It is built on latest technology which enables a user to maximum exploit a audio file and get better results. Other than this Adobe also offers many new audio tools. These application usually meets all the today's demanding needs. You can visit the adobe site and read all the new features it offers. The site offers a free trial version download. Download it an use it. Then if you really like it you can buy a license copy of it.

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