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Thread: How to implement Disaster recovery Exchange server 2007

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    How to implement Disaster recovery Exchange server 2007

    I heard that Protecting Exchange Server 2007 data is a critical task for administrators. And to do the job easier you need to Understand Exchange Server 2007 backup basics and learning the latest disaster recovery techniques if it is true then let me know the disaster recover techniques, How many disaster recovery techniques are there and do we need to implement all of those in our exchange server.

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    Re: How to implement Disaster recovery Exchange server 2007

    Disaster recovery planning is a complex process that relies on many decisions that you make regarding the planning for Exchange 2007. Generally, to start the planning process, you must first consider the following concepts that relate to Exchange 2007 disaster recovery:

    • Knowing what you may have to recover from
    • Considering your service level agreement requirements
    • Understanding the importance of deploying Exchange 2007 with disaster recovery in mind
    • Understanding how Exchange relies on the Active Directory directory service
    • Understanding Exchange database technology

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    Re: How to implement Disaster recovery Exchange server 2007

    Exchange database is through the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) backup API or newer VSS solutions, Whenever an ESE backup is initiated, Exchange temporarily suspends all writes to its databases. At the same time that ESE temporarily sets the database into a read-only mode that makes it available to be copied in a full backup, it also makes use of a temporary database to hold new transactions that occur during the backup.

    Impact of the Full Server Recovery Strategy
    A full server recovery is when a disaster damages one of your servers to a point where you must take steps to, at a minimum, rebuild or restore the operating system and Exchange installation. Additionally, you may have to restore other information such as Exchange databases.
    for more info:

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