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Thread: Embedding Flash Swf File in Word 2007

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    Embedding Flash Swf File in Word 2007

    Hello , I Have Some Flash Content That I Want to Embed to in the microsoft 2007 Document , I want to know how i can embed these Flash swf files in MS Office documents, please Help Thanks in advance

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    Re: Embedding Flash Swf File in Word 2007

    Swiff Point Player is a Free Microsoft PowerPoint Add In that enables Web Designers and Flash Users to easily insert and play their Flash movies in their Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

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    Re: Embedding Flash Swf File in Word 2007

    1. In Page view, at the bottom of the document window, click Design .
    2. On the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click Movie in Flash Format.
    3. Locate and click the Macromedia Flash file, and then click Insert.

    1. To view the animated content, in Page view, at the bottom of the document window, click Preview .
    2. You can also add Flash-based content by dragging a file to your Web page from either the Folder List in Microsoft FrontPage or Microsoft Windows Explorer.
    3. You can also link to a Flash file by adding a hyperlink in your Web page.
    4. To view Flash-based content, site visitors must have the Macromedia Flash Player installed.

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    Re: Embedding Flash Swf File in Word 2007

    go to the View menu and then click the Toolbars tab Validate option Toolbox Controls. You can also activate the box by right clicking on the toolbar and select Control Toolbox:

    For Word 2007: The Control Toolbox is located in the Developer tab.

    1. To insert the Flash object, insert an Active X Shockwave Flash Object type:
      1. In the Control Toolbox click on the icon
      2. For Word 2007 must be in the Developer tab click the icon then click on the More Controls icon
      3. In the next window select the Shockwave Flash Object control

    an object will appeared on your document: This object is the representation of your Flash, if you want to increase the size, select the object and stretch it by selecting an angle. Now we must bind the control to your Flash, then make a right click on your control and select properties: In the Properties window, you must enter the path of your animation (or URL) in the property and put the Movie Playing property to True.

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    Re: Embedding Flash Swf File in Word 2007

    Ensure the Flash Player is installed on your computer, and then please follow the stejps below:

    1. Click Microsoft Office Button on the top left corner> click "word Options" at the bottom of the panel> go to the "option Options" window> click "Popular" on the left column> select "Show Developer tab in the Ribbon" on the right column> click "OK" at the bottom

    2. On the "Developer" tab> go to "Controls" group> Click the icon of hammer and nail for "More Controls"> go to the "More Controls" window

    3. On the "More Controls" window> select "Shockwave Flash Object" in the list> click "OK" at the bottom> use your pointer to drag on the slide to draw and resize the control

    4. Right click the control you draw> click "Properties" in the right-click menu> go to the "Properties" window

    5. On the alphabetic tab> click the "Movie" property> type the full drive path in the value column (the blank cell next to Movie), including the file name (eg C \: a.swf) or URL

    6. To make the Flash paly automatically when the slide is displayed, set the "Playing" property to "True"; To embed the Flash into word , set "EmbedMovie" property to "True"

    7. Finally close the "Properties" window and save your file

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