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Thread: Tally Audit Feature

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    question Tally Audit Feature


    I used tally audit feature in tally 9.2 some of the entries were audited, i would like to know how to view the audited entries.'

    Plz tell me at the earliest

    Thank You

    Srivathson R

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    Re: Tally Audit Feature

    Tally Audit feature can be activated during creation of Company. If the company is already created, then he can select the particular company and then select the option 'Comp Info' (Alt+F3) and then select 'Alter' option.

    Activate 'Use Security control' -> specify Administrator Name & Password -> activate 'Use Tally Audit Features' and save screen.

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    Re: Tally Audit Feature

    how can i see who deleated the voucher in Tally . i am using tally audit

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    Re: Tally Audit Feature

    It is not possible to find out who deleted the voucher from tally because there are no user login or tracking options in tally. If you are working on Windows server and enabled Audit policies then you can try to find out which user logged in at worked on which tool. Other than you should keep a backup of Tally folder which is inside Windows Directory. C:\Tally. But tally offers auditing features which can be found here :
    Tally Auditing

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