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Thread: What is microsoft deployment toolkit

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    What is microsoft deployment toolkit

    I have been working in small sever environment at my brother's office. I want to know and lear the core networking and server concepts. I came across microsoft deployment toolkit. But i know nothing about it. Can anyone help me with some information on it? It would be really helpful... Thanks!

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    Re: What is microsoft deployment toolkit

    Microsoft Deployment Toolkit is a piece of server software that permits network deployment of Microsoft Windows. It can currently distribute Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008. Hardware drivers, Windows updates, and software can be included with the installation. All of the software intended for installation like operating system, drivers, updates, and applications are added to the pool of available software. This software is packaged into deployment packages - the operating system and drivers to be included with this package are selected, and the administrator password, owner information, and product key are specified. Clients use a custom Windows PE image, generated by Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, to boot to the network, where they can install the assembled deployment packages over the network from the MDT server. This Windows PE disk image can be burned to and booted from a CD, or booted with Windows Deployment Services. When selecting the package to deploy, software that has been included in the pool may also be selected for installation.

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    Re: What is microsoft deployment toolkit

    Thanks for making me explain that so well and taking time out to do so. Can you tell me one more thing? I hope i get the answer for this too. What are the ways in which i can use microsoft deployment toolkit? Which is the latest version? Thanks again.

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    Re: What is microsoft deployment toolkit

    Ways of Using Microsoft Deployment :

    Lite Touch:
    • Deployment without management infrastructure.
    • Process initiated by the administrator (manually).
    • Uses network shares, Windows Deployment Services, CD/DVD, or USB.
    • Refresh, upgrade, replace or new computer.

    Zero Touch:

    • Uses SMS 2003 OS Deployment Feature Pack.
    • Scheduled via SMS and completely automated.
    • Centrally monitored withe MOM 2005 Management Pack.
    • Refresh, replace, or new computer.

    Microsoft deployment tools are :

    • Application Compatibility Toolkit
    • Microsoft Assessment and Planning (New Windows Vista Hardware Assessment)
    • MS Deployment Workbench
    • Windows System Image Manager (part of Windows Automated Installation Kit - WAIK)
    • ImageX (part of Windows Automated Installation Kit - WAIK)
    • Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) (part of Windows Automated Installation Kit - WAIK)
    • User State Migration Tool
    • Windows Deployment Services (New RIS version)
    • System Management Server 2003
    • System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (New SMS)

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