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Thread: IIS7 for Windows XP

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    IIS7 for Windows XP

    Good evening,

    I want to install IIS7 on my WIndows XP Sp3. Where i can get the download for this? I wonder if its available for windows xp because i searched but couldn't find anything. I can not install vista now, so please provide me some help to get it on XP.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: IIS7 for Windows XP

    You cannot cannot install IIS 7 on XP. , You can consider the option of Virtual PC. You can install a trial version of Server 2008 with IIS 7 in a virtual PC on XP. If you need it for development purposes, then I suggest using your Microsoft Developer Network Subscription to download Server 2008 and run 2008 (with IIS 7) in a virtual machine under XP.

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    Re: IIS7 for Windows XP

    Nope its only available for Windows 2008 server and windows Vista. IIS 7 comes with Windows 2008 and vista. If you are running XP Pro, you can run the built-in IIS ftp component via add/remove windows component.

    Windows XP Professional contains IIS 5.1

    Windows Server 2003 contains IIS 6

    Windows Vista Home Premium and above contains IIS 7

    Windows Server 2008 also contains IIS 7

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    Re: IIS7 for Windows XP

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