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Thread: How to add new fonts to Fireworks

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    How to add new fonts to Fireworks

    I am using Fireworks for designing the logo of my company. It has very limited fonts and so I want to add more fonts to it. But the problem is that I don't know how to add it. I am new to Fireworks. Can you help me out to add new fonts to Fireworks?

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    Re: How to add new fonts to Fireworks

    Do you have the fonts file with you? Just copy and paste it on your Windows Fonts folder. Now you should be able to use these fonts with all the software's available on your computer. This includes Fireworks also. But just keep this in mind that the file is in .ttf format.

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    Re: How to add new fonts to Fireworks

    After downloading the new font, save the new font file in your Windows -> Fonts folder. This will allow you to use the newly installed font in Fireworks automatically. However you may face some issues with the new fonts when accessing fonts via the Font menu in the Text Editor such as it is not shown. This is because those fonts which are bitmap only fonts will not be appearing in the Fireworks Text Editor.

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    Re: How to add new fonts to Fireworks

    Fireworks includes all the fonts that are installed on your Windows computer and uses the same fonts as you can see under Microsoft Word, or Outlook etc. It do not have some separate file for fonts style. It does not even support those fonts that are graphics style or available on Mac OS.

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