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Thread: Insert Yen Symbol in Powerpoint

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    Insert Yen Symbol in Powerpoint

    Hello , Can you Tell me how can i insert Yen Symbol and other special character in powerpoint, please Help me thanks in advance

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    Re: Insert Yen Symbol in Powerpoint

    If you are in a program with Windows pc +, (Word, excel, notepad ...)
    you have to press "ALT" and not release it until you types this from keypad 165 after that you can release the "ALT" and you have this: Yen symbol () &#165

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    Re: Insert Yen Symbol in Powerpoint

    you can find it through by going to the Windows menu: Start/Programs/Accessories/ systems Tools / Character Map You have to search all the characters in the window that opens, you will find the correct character length plus signs or equal, greater or equal ... You can copy and paste it , but in the long run, this may become a little tedious.

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    Re: Insert Yen Symbol in Powerpoint

    Fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman provide characters conforming to the Unicode text encoding standard. In the Symbol dialog box, you can use the Subset list to search for Unicode characters by category.

    To make the Symbol command available, in normal view, place the insertion point on the Outline tab or in a text placeholder on the slide.
    On the Insert menu, click Symbol.

    To change fonts, click a name in the Font box.

    Do one of the following:

    Insert a symbol or character from the default (ASCII) list
    • Click the symbol or character you want, click Insert, and then click Close.

    Insert a Unicode symbol or character
    • In the From box, click Unicode (hex). (If you don't see Unicode (hex) in the list, then the font you have chosen doesn't support Unicode characters.)
    • In the Subset list that appears in the upper-right corner, select the category of symbols or characters you want, such as Basic Latin or Currency Symbols. (The list differs depending on the font you choose.)
    • Click the symbol or character you want, click Insert, and then click Close.

    • If you selected Unicode characters the last time you opened the Symbol dialog box, Unicode is displayed by default the next time you display the dialog box.
    • If you don't see the symbol you want, look at the available symbols for other fonts installed on your computer by selecting another font in the Font list.

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