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Old 29-06-2009
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EXCEL export to tekst or sheet


I've got a question, that shouldn't be too difficult for the export-sheet operator (I hope!) :-)

I have 5 columns filled with different data:

1; 001701; D090618; FL00001; 200010118708;

1. scannumber
2. invent. code
3. date
4. location (about 1000 different locations)
5. barcode (about 10.000 barcodes)

I want the each row of data seperated in the columns to merge to:


I prefer to export it to a tekstfile. But if someone can get it into a format on a different sheet or row, thats fine too!

Thanks in advance!!!
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Old 29-06-2009
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Re: EXCEL export to tekst or sheet

Here is a very simple formula by which you can merge the two different columns in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. The only requirement here is that the result will be displayed in a different column. You can select as many columns you want. Here what is you have to do. Click in a empty cell and type =(A1&" "$B1). A1 is the first column and B1 is the second column. Press enter. Always close the bracket. In the same way keep on adding as much you want. Eg =(A1&" "&B1&" "&C1&" "&D1&" "&E1). Then the third columns has only formula not text. If you delete any cell reference like in A1 the result will disappear. There is one more option in excel by which you can convert the formula into text. Right click on the cell which has formula a select copy. Then same way right click and click on paste special. In the window select Value and give OK. All the formula will turn to text. Best of luck.
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