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Thread: Peerguardian Driver Error

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    Peerguardian Driver Error

    Everytime I open Peerguardian i'm getting following Driver Error :

    PeerGuardian is unable to load the packet filtering driver.
    This could happen if PeerGuardian crashed and didn't have a chance to unload the driver, or if the file pgfilter.sys can't be found.

    If PeerGuardian crashed, please run "Recover PeerGuardian" from the start menu to attempt to recover from the problem.

    class driver_error
    CreateService/OpenService: The specified service does not exist as an installed service.
    How to resolve it?

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    Re: Peerguardian Driver Error

    Try this PeerGuardian> Click right on the second tab> check "Run as administrator"

    If doesn't helps reinstall it.

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    Re: Peerguardian Driver Error

    Have u tried uninstalling and cleaningout your registry from the previous installation using CCleaner?? Don't forget to make a backup of registry and a system restore point when editing your registry.

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    Re: Peerguardian Driver Error

    Press start >all programmes>peerguardian2>recover peer guardian if that doesnt work then i would delete and re-install and make sure you acticate ALL 20 lists,not only the default 6.

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