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Thread: Sound Decompression does not work

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    Sound Decompression does not work

    I was using windows xp before then I later upgraded it windows vista. I was having some old nursery rhymes software CD. I had install it the problem is the video is working file but there is no audio. The sound decompression is not working in vista. In the same way I had put the Four Wind game which is giving the same issue. The audio does work at all. Kindly provide some suggestion. Thanks.

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    Re: Sound Decompression does not work

    The problem can be with software. Some application does not have a newer version which can work in windows vista. Check out weather the application you are trying to use is compatible with the new Windows Vista. This surely a compatibility issue. You will anyhow have to get a newer version which supports vista otherwise the program can only be played in windows xp.

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    Re: Sound Decompression does not work

    Your application will not work in Windows Vista. Because your software is not compatible with it. It can either work in Windows XP or Windows 98. Try one thing go to Start and click on Control Panel. Then click on programs and then click on "Use an older program with this version of windows". Insert the cd rom or located the program manually in the resulting wizard. Windows Vista will identify the program and set the windows xp environment for the application.

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    Re: Sound Decompression does not work

    I was facing the same issue with Four winds. My sound effects were almost dead in Vista. Here are some useful tips which can help you to sort the issue out. First makes sure that the sound is enabled in the option menu of the Game. Then make sure that 4wwave.dll file is available in the Four Winds folder. You can see that in the program files in C Drive. If does not found re-install the game. Just ensure that the mixer settings like wave out and wave output level is configured correctly. Mixer settings can be controlled form the Volume control.

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