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Thread: How can i save pictures from Outlook 2007

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    How can i save pictures from Outlook 2007

    I had installed Windows Xp along with Microsoft Outlook 2007 on my system. I'm having an issue with my Outlook 2007, it doesn't have a "Save Picture As" option. So that i can save embedded pictures in Outlook 2007. Can any body tell me that that how can i save pictures from Outlook 2007? Does any body knows about it? Kindly provide me the correct solution for the above issue.

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    Re: How can i save pictures from Outlook 2007

    I think you need to repair your PST and OST files of your Micorsoft Outlook 2007. If you want you can convert your OST files. That will help you to save pictures from Outlook 2007.

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    Re: How can i save pictures from Outlook 2007

    Its an Office 2007 problem. There are several things that could cause your problem, but let's address the most likely cause first "a damaged program file. For that you need to open an e-mail message and then under the Message tab, you need to select Other Actions and the need to click on View in Browser. This would open your mail inside the default web browser as a regular HTML web page and then you can right-click to save an embedded picture.

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