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Thread: Pifast latest version

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    Pifast latest version

    hi ,
    looking to download pifast latest version can any one help me to find it out ? how can i download it ?
    thank you

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    Re: Pifast latest version

    PiFast has been developped on windows but is available on other platforms. It should be noted that on non-windows platforms, version 4.0 is not available yet but previous version 3.3 can be downloaded.

    Download PiFast43 on windows : here.

    Download PiFast33 on other platforms :
    hpux 10.20 : pifast_hp.gz
    irix 6.2 : pifast_irix.gz
    aix 4.3.2 : pifast_aix.gz

    Warning :
    unix platforms are known to have problems on the e computation in mode #1. The other modes work well.

    The program was been written in 32 bit adressing space, so no more than 2 gig of memory should be used.

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    Re: Pifast latest version

    How to use pifast
    PiFast is an easy-to-use package written by Xavier Gourdon to compute pi with a very large number of digits. PiFast is avalaible on several platforms, download it from here. PiFast can also compute E and a large family of user defined constants.

    PiFast features

    • Computes decimal digits of pi, e=exp(1), sqrt2, with the high limit of 17 billion digits.
    • Very fast (fastest pi program available on the web - July 5 2003).
    • Much more economical in memory than other pi programs.
    • Parameters can be used to fit in the memory machine (memory saved <-> time lost).
    • Able to handle disk memory for very large computations, permitting to compute much more digits than could be contained in the physical memory.

    for more go to hwbot .org

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