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Thread: Pc power usage meter

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    Pc power usage meter

    hi ,
    i want to know is there any way to know how much power is used by pc any application that can help me to see that how much power i burn out please help me ..
    thank you

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    Re: Pc power usage meter

    I think you can use Dynamic Energy Saver The popular Taiwanese company has been hard at work on some very interesting software, called Dynamic Energy Saver, or DES. The software, which will be available on all motherboards that are compatible with Intel 45nm processors.

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    Re: Pc power usage meter

    You can try with manual prototype Electricity usage monitor but that will required some effort with knowledge about electronics and computer as it includes some buffer circuitry connected to parallel port of computer also you need to do some coding for communication between your computer and electric meter. That will give you direct reading from power usage from electric meter

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    Re: Pc power usage meter

    try Portable Power Meter Plus You need to hover over its icon to get an accurate reading is a real pain. And the IBM power gauge isn't much better; taking up a fair chunk of my taskbar and is visible even when I'm docked.

    Here are some key features

    It gradually appears as the power levels drop. The lower the power, the more prominent the meter will be
    When you're charging the laptop it'll turn green and slowly disappear/fade as the charge increases
    The meter appears either on the bottom left or bottom right of the screen; it moves to the opposite corner if you move your mouse over it

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