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Thread: Help for Microsoft Money 2007

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    Help for Microsoft Money 2007

    I am using Microsoft Money 2007 in my office. I recently noted a problem with my Microsoft Money 2007. It asks me to upgrade Microsoft Money 2007 although I don't want to because I am really comfortable with Microsoft Money 2007 current version. I get the following message:

    To continue operating successfully, Money requires a software update. Click OK to close Money and begin the update now.
    How can I get rid of this situation? Any help on Microsoft Money 2007 is greatly appreciated!

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    re: Help for Microsoft Money 2007

    If you encounter an error while using Microsoft Money 2007, a dialog box may appear with a More Info button.

    1. Click the More Info button to open a Web page with potential solutions for the problem you have encountered.
    2. If there are multiple topics regarding this issue, click each one to see if there are alternative solutions to solving the problem.

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    re: Help for Microsoft Money 2007

    Try to repair the Money data file:

    1. Open the Money data file that you want to repair.
    2. On the File menu, point to Repair Money File, and then click Quick File Repair.
    3. Money performs the repair on the file.
    4. If you have a Windows Live ID password or another password that is associated with the data file, you will be prompted for it now.
    5. Test to see whether you experience the same symptoms that are listed in the "Symptoms of the problem" section.

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    re: Help for Microsoft Money 2007

    Microsoft Money 2007 is the fastest and simplest way to handle all your finances. Easy to set up and easy to use, Money 2007 is the convenient way to understand your finances and keep them in shape.

    Step 1: Restart the computer
    1. Close Money.
    2. Restart the computer.

    Step 2: Install the update
    1. Connect to the Internet.
    2. Open Money. When Money opens, you receive a message that states that you should download the latest updates. Click Yes.
    3. When the download is finished, click About Microsoft Money on the Help menu to view the version number.

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