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Thread: Create A Poster in Microsoft Word

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    Create A Poster in Microsoft Word

    I had to add a poster in the word file. I had to make project for a study work for which it is a condition. I had tried in word to do so but not anble to create a poster. Please help and provide me the complete steps to create poster on multiple topic. Also how to take a print out of it. I also need some poster designs.

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    Re: Create A Poster in Microsoft Word

    To make a poster in the word document you will need to first save the file as tiff file. Save your document in the tiff file and then go to file menu and click on print. In the box click on Microsoft Office Document Image Writer. Look for properties and click on it. In the dialog box click on Advance tab now. Then in the outer format select the tiff, then monochrome fax option, supefine, 300 dpi and give ok. Again click on ok. Then you get any downloaded poster format, picture and insert it.

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    Re: Create A Poster in Microsoft Word

    You can download any ready made poster from the net and insert it in your project work. I will suggest you to use a poster8 tool to create poster. Because it has some inbuilt designs and easy to use interface. Download it and use it. It is a freeware tool. After registration you have more additional features.

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    Re: Create A Poster in Microsoft Word

    Here is simple step to create a poster and printing them in word. Launch Microsoft Word and click on Page Setup. Then go to the Margin Tab and set all the margin to 0.5". Change the orientation to Landscape. Then click on the paper tab and from paper size select custom size and give the size width 8" & height 12". If any warning pop up click on ignore. Then to create poster follow the instructions :
    • Click on the top pop of the person. Give a title select size 32 points. Then insert a continuous break after a heading.
    • Then go to format and click on column. Insert 3 columns. Give a similar size of 0.3" or 0.4". Then enter the body, text, pictures, etc. Select heading type as you need.

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