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Thread: Files locked unable to test

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    Files locked unable to test

    Some files in my folder has been locked so that now i am not able to test that files. I don't know how to unlock that file. It's very important files for me can anyone know how to unlock the files ?


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    Re: Files locked unable to test

    Go to the swf file in your directory list, and right click the file name. Find the item "Turn off Read Only" and click that. Hope this will work.

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    Re: Files locked unable to test

    Unlocker displays the list of all processes locking a file, access by right-clicking the file and choosing the Unlocker menu item.

    There are small extensions for Microsoft Explorer that can help locate it. These tools permits you to list all the processes locking the selected file, and unlocking the file or folder and killing the process.


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    Re: Files locked unable to test

    I am having Folder unlock software which i use to unlock locked files & folders. Folder unlock will display those files from folders which needs to be unlocked. Folder unlock allows you organize the locked files by allowing you to export the results. You can lock files and unlock them using the same application.

    Download Folder unlock

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