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Thread: Where to get Microsoft Visio 2007

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    Where to get Microsoft Visio 2007

    I am using Microsoft Visio 2007 at my office for our regular presentation. Now I want that one for my home also. Can anyone tell me from where I can download Microsoft Visio 2007. Also for a project purpose I need some additional visio shapes. Where can I get a categorize wise shapes which I can use in visio for different purpose.

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    Re: Where to get Microsoft Visio 2007

    Microsoft Vision 2007 is an additional component of Microsoft Office. It is not a freeware tool. You will need to purchase a license copy from the Microsoft website. But for a try you get a trial version of 60 days free from the official site. The 2007 version is designed to fit the needs of current business scenario. You can develop your custom shapes and sizes in visio. Additional shapes are also available on net.

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    Re: Where to get Microsoft Visio 2007

    The Visio 2007 viewer is free tool to view the visio drawings and diagrams. If you do not have a copy of visio at your home at least you view your files by this. It is a freeware and can be distributed to any one. You will have to buy to get vision. It is a costly tool which comes around $400 approx.

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    Re: Where to get Microsoft Visio 2007

    Visio are in multiple number related to the category and requirement. There are many sites on the net which gives you a free shapes for Ms Visio 2007. You can search on the net for relevant topic. I am giving the link of most commonly available shapes. Hope this will help you. Download Visio Shapes Sampler. It is multiple symbol and shapes. It is a trial version. But if you upgrade it to full version then you will get approx. 3000 visio shapes. These are related to building, animation, architecture, process control, etc many more. You will also get whatever you want.

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