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Thread: Uninstall Arcsoft

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    Uninstall Arcsoft

    I recently got a tray icon from Arcsoft. I don't know where it came from I am the only person using this computer. I tried uninstalling it by going into Add/remove Program. Also i tried to search uninstaller in my computer if anywhere located but was not there. Does anyone know how can i remove it. Please Help...!

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    Re: Uninstall Arcsoft

    You need to go to Arcsoft & install any of it trial software & then you will find a uninstaller in its folder & also in the Add/Remove Program. But you need to this if you want to remove it.

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    Re: Uninstall Arcsoft

    You can do one thing, Now just you can block it. To block it just follow the steps :

    1. Go to Start.

    2. Now open RUN.

    3. In RUN write msconfig.

    4. Now press Enter.

    5. Now you will see a System Configuration Utility.

    6. In that just go to Startup tab.

    7. In that look for the service associated with it.

    8. Now disable that service.

    9. Now press Apply & OK.

    10. It will ask you to restart just restart to see the changes...!

    This will block your Acrsoft Service...!

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