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Thread: How to execute .SUB file into any video format

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    How to execute .SUB file into any video format

    I am in very much trouble this is because I have recently downloaded 1.23 Gb file from the internet which is of extension .idx and .sub files. Does anyone know how I can use them? I am trying to play that file in the winamp player but it is not recognizing him, This really makes me irritating, please suggest friends.

    Thanks to all of those who helps..

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    How to burn .SUB file onto DVD

    I have also same problem, but i was trying the conversion with the BSPlayer but it does not detect the .sub files. They are in the same directory as the .AVI files so I don't see what the problem is. I also tried manually loading the .sub files once the .AVI file is loaded;I think proper conversion software were release this problem, and can also someone here suggest me how to burn the .SUB file on the DVD. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: How to execute .SUB file into any video format

    Text file containing subtitles used by Micro DVD, DivX, and other movie formats; If Windows is unable to open files with the extension .SUB you may not have the appropriate program installed or, you may have registry errors. FILExt has been given permission to display the file extension database produced by the Associate This! program. I think if you burn with clonecd the sub will be included automatically, if you are burning the file you should select the sub file as the actual image file.

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    Re: How to execute .SUB file into any video format

    Those entries which have not yet been incorporated are shown below in the hope that they will be of some use. Using Windows media player to play the .AVI file, if there are .sub and .idx files with the same name as the .AVI file, the sub-titles will be displayed. However, without the .idx, the .sub file is useless at all. Also I found that the .sub file is much larger than the .srt or .smi file and it is in binary format. I wish there is a way to convert the .sub and .idx into .srt or .smi format.

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