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Thread: missing export advapi32.dll

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    missing export advapi32.dll

    I just formatted my computer & now after installing all the software in it. When rebooted the computer for saving program taken changes in Windows. Is now giving an error to me saying "service.exe file is linked to missing export advapi32.dll" I don't know which file it is talking about??? Does anyone know what the problem is about??? & how can we solve it???

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    Re: missing export advapi32.dll

    Here is some similar issue on solved by Microsoft Just look at the link :

    service.exe file is linked to missing export advapi32.dll

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    Re: missing export advapi32.dll

    Investigating a little more, I found out that as much these archives settle to with MS Internet Explorer from version 3 and, reason why can return to install Internet Explorer to obtain the same version of the DLL, and the problem would have to disappear soon.

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    Re: missing export advapi32.dll

    After researching on the internet, I have found that the cause of the problem might be that you have installed iether the corrupt file or the wrong version file which is not supporting you Operating System or Hardware.try looking in the the event log & find out the location of the file & then you can find out from where you are getting the issue.

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