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Thread: What is Learn2 player , Is it safe

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    What is Learn2 player , Is it safe

    I Have Laptop, On Which i Found Something Unusual install it In , it was some Software Called as Learn2 player in the Add/remove Program from the Control , It Show me only Uninstall option only , Can you Tell me is Learn2 player Safe, , or Should i remove Learn2 player from my Computer please Advice on These Issue , as my pc has lots of Data , i Cannot Risk it , thanks in advance

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    Re: What is Learn2 player , Is it safe

    Learn2 Player (Uninstall Only) is developed by eHelp Corporation The most popular versions of this product are: 2.1 and 8.0. The names of program executable files are learn.exe, llplay.exe and Player.exe., it is said to be developed by ehelp corporation

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    Re: What is Learn2 player , Is it safe

    Hello ,i Cannot Get much about this program , which it said to belong to AOL. are you Using AOL ? It is installed when you intstall AIM (AOL INSTANT MESSAGE). It is not junk. It is one of those things puts AOL with AIM probably for no reason:

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    Re: What is Learn2 player , Is it safe

    This learn2 player software is installed STRunner.exe and aol software . if you had aol on your pc then it is true that learn2 player will be install on your pc. Both programs come with the new aol , after installing AOL 9, you will see this software in the list of installation. If you uninstall "learn2 player, you will see that the program strunner will also be uninstalled. it must be some stand alone software that is activated by aol when needed.
    it may be a good idea to free up resources and storage space by getting rid of this program. As of today, it seems that "learn2 player is useless for people who do not use the AOL service.

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