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Thread: How can i convert .PCD images to JPEG format

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    How can i convert .PCD images to JPEG format

    Hi,, I have some images of my family function which are in Kodak Photo CD format or .PCD. The problem is that i need to edit some of the images but the image editors not supporting the format. Also when i try to see them on my mobile devices, my device also won't support it. Is there any way to convert .PCD images in to JPEG? Please help.

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    Re: How can i convert .PCD images to JPEG format

    You need to convert .PCD to Jpeg to use them on various device and for various purpose. You can do this easily with pdctojpeg. This application converts PCD image files into high quality JPEG images.

    Conversions are at the maximum available PCD resolution, and are fully color managed - no blown highlights or color casts.pcdtojpeg doesn’t require installation as such. The distribution package contains executables for both Windows and OS X that you can use immediately. For other operating systems, e.g., Linux, unless your distribution already includes pcdtojpeg, you will have to compile pcdtojpeg from source.

    To start working with pcdtojpeg, you just need to Download pcdtojpeg, Unzip the distribution file and Copy the pcdtojpeg files from the “Binaries/Windows” directory of the unzipped distribution file to any convenient location. That is, you can now start working with..

    Download pcdtojpeg

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    Re: How can i convert .PCD images to JPEG format

    pcdtojpeg does not allow options to be concatenated on the command line - so you must enter options in full.If pcdtojpeg can’t extract an image at the exact resolution specified, it will fall back to the best available resolution that is lower that specified.Where file1 is a PCD file, and file2 is a jpeg file. If file2 is not specified, then pcdtojpeg will create a filename by changing the extension of file1 to jpg.

    pcdtojpeg’s features :-

    • pcdtojpeg is designed for modern multi-core processors and is multithreaded to increase speed.

    • pcdtojpeg correctly translates Kodak’s Photo CD format into modern JPEG images without losing highlight information. The example above shows Ted Felix’s “Blown John” image as converted by pcdtojpeg versus a version that demonstrates the blown highlights problem typical of many other conversion programs.

    • pcdtojpeg extracts all PCD metadata - dates, film type, scanner information, SBA settings, etc.

    • pcdtojpeg correctly converts from the PCD color space into an sRGB space that’s compatible with any standards compliant viewer or editor.

    • pcdtojpeg converts all the way up to 64Base resolution, 4096 x 6144, and handles all forms of PCD compression, including those pesky “class 3 - text and graphics, high resolution” images that the other programs can’t process.

    • pcdtojpeg includes a separate C++ PCD decoder library that’s easy to incorporate into other software, with a clean, well defined API and no dependencies on other packages.

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    Re: How can i convert .PCD images to JPEG format

    pcdtojpeg's PCD decoder comes in the form of a proper C++ library that other programs can use. It gets the color right, won't blow highlights, and runs under any of OS X, Windows or linux. It incorporates a separate PCD decoder library, which can easily be incorporated into other software that needs to decode PCD files.

    System Requirements
    • Windows XP or later
    • Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later
    • Most Unix and Linux systems
    • Intel or PowerPC

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