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Thread: FFmpeg error

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    FFmpeg error

    hello friends
    i recently installed FFmpeg to re encode mp4 and aac files...but unfortunately all am getting errors what i have to do is ffmpeg sucks??

    any body to help me with my ffmpeg...
    thank you....

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    Re: FFmpeg error

    Compiling FFmpeg yourself
    this can be done by Installing and use the latest FFmpeg and x264, but somebody needs an official package

    Installing the "unstripped" libraries from the repository

    FFmpeg from the repository does not include many restricted encoders, formats, and codecs including: h261, h263, h263p, aac (libfaac), mp3 (libmp3lame), h264 (libx264), xvid (libxvid), mpeg2video, mpeg4, msmpeg4, msmpeg4v1, and msmpeg4v2. You can fix this by installing the "unstripped" FFmpeg libraries that will enable these restricted encoders
    Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
    enter the code "sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libavcodec-unstripped-52"
    this code for 9.04 versions
    Installing the ubuntu-restricted-extras package
    install the ubuntu-restricted-extras is gonna be a good way if you are bandwidth limited, and will install a large amount of other packages that you may not want. this can be install by opening the terminal
    enter the code "sudo apt-get install ffmpeg ubuntu-restricted-extras"

    Installing FFmpeg from Medibuntu

    Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 and Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10. only this two version can support this

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    Re: FFmpeg error

    hii friend
    i have some kind of problem with my ffmpeg wondered a lot in order to resolve this
    and finally im succeed by installing glibc-common, you may try this
    and see any luck......

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    Re: FFmpeg error

    confirm you done all this
    * whether "/usr/local/include/ffmpeg" directory is created while installing ffmpeg. If not, create this directory.

    *Copy the necessary ffmpeg header files to "/usr/local/include/ffmpeg".
    when finished install your ffmpeg(not ffmpeg-php) package again. After installing the ffmpeg, install ffmpeg-php.

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