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Thread: How do i normalize mp4 audio files

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    How do i normalize mp4 audio files

    I have some MP4 Audio Files which has very load sound level, and i use a basic home head phones. The sound cracks when the volume in a bit loud. Can anyone suggest me how to normalize the sound level for MP4 audio files? Any help will be greatful...

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    Re: How do i normalize mp4 audio files

    I guess this problem of yours occurs when you play the files on high volume, Right? To avoid this problem, the best and the simplest solution would be to lower the windows volume and the player volume and then use higher volume level through the head phones. What you have then?

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    Re: How do i normalize mp4 audio files

    You can try to use some audio editing software to lower the volume of file. Also audio editing softwares provide the feature of noise cancellation. You could try that too...

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    Re: How do i normalize mp4 audio files

    The best thing i would suggest you to do is, use goldwave to normalize the MP4 audio files that gives you cracking effect. I have been using goldwave since a long time and if has all types of audio editing tools that are required...

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    Re: How do i normalize mp4 audio files

    ddvideo video to mp4 gain can normalize mp4 audio files,increase or decrease volume from 75db to 105db.but it need recodec.

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